Jul 16, 2010


Emotional perspective: Gorgeous portrait.
Technical persepective: Blown out hair = bad technical execution.

Depending on who you ask or what point of view, this is good or bad.

This is one of the hardest advice/questions to answer. What is technically bad can be emotional good. In this case/context, I think it works. It is a judgement call.

Personally, I can technically control the exposure to not make it blown out. I would have preserve the details in the blown out area. I wouldn't make it too dark, just dark enough to see more details. In photography every detail counts.

My personal approach to photography is to make sure all the details are preserved in the original photo. At the time of digital color processing, I will make certains details lighter and other darker. This way I have the choice at the end.

BTW, looking at the catch light in the eyes tells me a flash with softbox was used for the front of the face. The greater the amount the flash was turned down, the less blown out the hair would be.

The choice of clothing is questionable. The styling of the face and hair is a modern simplified version of Marie Antoinette. But she is wearing a fishnet body stocking which normally gives a trashy vibe. These are two clashing style messages. Personally, I would have her wear a tube top so the shoulder will appear bare in the portrait.

Photo by Rayan Ayash

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