Jun 3, 2010


If you ever attempted to take photos of pets with dark coats you may have realized it much more difficult to get good results. Because they are dark, you must first overexpose slighting to see the details. Second, the background you place the subject is very important.

There are a few tricks for non tabby, almost solid dark coats:

1. Use their silhouette to create shapes and interesting composition:

2. Use solid colored background or environments (with a hint of pattern) to make your subject pop:

3. Notice the yellow chair is against the cat rather than an all white background. This makes the cat pop:

4. The white background has many shades of light gray (with bluish cast)- this is called white with details. If the rest of the house has a busy background and distracts from the subject, look to the floor. You maybe able to find the clean simple background you are looking for:

For tabby cats or cat with many shades of color in their coats, it is important to keep the background extra simple:

For first time cat photographers, find a place that is simple with very little clutter. Cats tend to move around a lot and it is easier to capture with less props/stuff in the background.

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