May 6, 2010


Multiple exposure is very difficult to get right on film so I encourage using Photoshop to create the effect. In the case above, there at three obvious images; two faces, and the sky with birds. Open three separate images in Photoshop, then drag two photos as layers to one image. You can move the photos around and play with the opacity of the layers to achieve your desired look. Notice that area that are overlapping will be darker.

A few tips:
  • Photos with shallow depth of field or with areas that are blurred are better.
  • Photos that have sharp foreground and background do not work as well.
  • Photos that are simple work the best.
Minimal use of Photoshop is the best way. If you incorrectly or overuse use Photoshop's filters, the end result will look unnatural.

Photo by Sensing-Owls

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