May 18, 2010


The nose is the thing that is closest to the lens so when it is out of focus like this, it looks unnatural. This tends to happen for headshots rather than full body shoots.

For with dogs with long noses, instead of focusing on the eyes you need to focus the middle point between the eyes and the nose. With enough depth of field (aka aperature setting and will depend on the distance between the subject and the lens) you will get both the tip of the nose and the eyes sharp.

TOTSPUPS TIP: In most cases you should put the focus point as the eyes. So the intention was good but the execution fell a bit short. I really like the orange background with this dog and the lighting. I personally prefer the subject looking into the lens rather than staring away. Here it appears the dog is concenrating on the doggy treat that is to the left of the camera.

Photo not by TOTSPUPS.

I have omitted the photo reference. This photo is used as a helpful tutorial not to bash other photographer's work.

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