May 11, 2010


Wonder why the beautiful photo you see on the computer monitor looks different printed on paper? This is called Color Management. It is not easy to get the print to look as vibrant as what you see. It is not because your printer is bad. You have to learn how to correctly manage your color. Unfortuately printing is more than pressing the PRINT button. I recommend you attend's web cast regarding this topic.

Sign up for Color Management Webinar on Tuesday, May 25. We’re offering two sessions, one at 10 am PDT and another at 12pm PDT, so grab the time that works for you and pick up some expert tips.

Led by the color wizards from X-Rite and our very own Blurb gurus, this webinar covers:
  • Monitor calibration and profiling
  • Color spaces and conversions
  • Soft proofing in Adobe® Photoshop®
I have been dealing with color management for many years and that is the reason why my prints have correct color.

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