May 29, 2010


There is something very magical, sweet, and innocent about Amelie Alice's work.

Photographer's words:
“My two biggest inspirations in photography are little children and the sense of wonder they have, their expressions and curiosity, so capturing those childlike moments… I love childhood, and especially preschool moments… and secondly, literature and fairytales, from books and film as well.. and this stems from all the books I read with my children, and dress up play we do, especially with my two boys, Amelie’s brothers, when they were little. Pirates, Peter Pan, forest children, Alice in Wonderland… I adore costume details in film, and clothing details, and photography with a touch of ‘fairytale’ or classic look to it (Secret garden was another favourite children’s movie with costume details I loved), or a dreamy light look. I also very much love whimsical touches too, so that’s another influence.”

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