Apr 22, 2010


I was browsing online looking for inspiration - something I do every day - and I remembered The Pixel Award. The Pixel Awards take a fresh look at the best on the web and are the cutting-edge website award, annually honoring 20 compelling sites that have shown excellence in web design and development. Resn, an interactive agency, is the 2009 Experimental Winner for the Jag-Jeans.

Resn created a website that simulates a photo shoot for Jag-Jeans. You can experience being a photographer on a photo shoot, edit the photos you snap, and then publish your magazine. When you are snap a photo, you can hear cheesy comments like "beautiful", "yeah, looking great", "awesome", "great shot", and "that's amazing" to authenticate the experience.

Experience it yourself: www.Jag-Jeans.com

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