Apr 10, 2010


You may have read the entry on Feb 7 when I started the Public Relations and Web Advertising Strategies for WoodSpoon. The website with my photography was launched on Feb 25 and the show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" premiered on Feb 26. In March, it was the most bookmarked restaurant on Yelp - we can safely say the show had a huge impact. In April, it is still stands as the most bookmarked restaurant - I can safely say that taking my consulting recommendation is a big reason for the continued interest. Remember, other Los Angeles restaurants were featured on the show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" in March and April, however, WoodSpoon has recieved the most buzz. Coincidence? I think not.

People wonder how much money was spent on advertising. Aside from my services there was no money spent. There was no money paid to Yelp, bloggers, food critics, the show, or anyone. The resources and platforms I chose for WoodSpoon were free with the exception of the hours I expended to implement them. I knew it would be successful but the speed it caught on was faster than what I had ever imagined.

A few things I can share with you is that aside from the home page, the second most popular page is the Lunch Menu page. I can create weekly, monthly, or yearly reports of the most popular pages, new vs returning visitors, how many daily visitors, how long the viewer was on the website, traffic sources, and more.

Call me if you want to improve your business - I know what will work for you.

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