Apr 12, 2010


I find very few fashion photos inspiring but these two really stopped in my tracks. Then I discovered that Alyson Fox photographed the collection, and designed the clothes, jewelry, house hold items and sculptures. She also is an published illustrator. Incredible woman and her work inspires me.

Kelly Lynn Jones interviews Alyson Fox

Your work is hauntingly beautiful. They make me feel like I am peering into someone’s window and seeing only a quick peek; or a still from film. You often group people together, does that have any meaning?

A good friend of mine described my work as both familiar and alarming which I think describes it really well. At first glance it’s almost sweet and then after you sit with it for a bit and put the pieces together you are all over the place. I like to tip toe on a border between innocent and at any moment something is about to go terribly wrong. The grouping of people in my work does not have any major meaning. There are times when I draw that I want there to be a witness to the scene and more action taking place. Or definite roles such as victim, care giver, object, mother…..Then there are times when it is more personal and just one person marks the paper.

I draw the composition like a snapshot photograph. Editing it where I want to. These drawings are part of a ongoing series of my fiction family photo album.

Half true stories are expanded on with my own memories and frustrations worked into them. I like blank faces, spare color and a lot of negative spaces so the viewer can easily step into the work and see something in it that they want to or maybe what they don’t want to.

Explain your drawing process a bit. Where do you begin when starting a new drawing?

I have a ongoing list that I jot down scenarios and objects that I want to think about. It’s often something like “Swimming pools, musical chairs, tights”. From there I play. I look at a lot of old family photographs, found photographs. I often take pictures of interesting poses.

I always imagine your work large scale since I think the affect on the viewer would have a great impact and lure them into these worlds you create. I know you used to do larger work when in gradschool. Have you been considering working larger with your current body of work?

Yes! A little. I have started printing some of my images poster size on canvas. I think eventually when I have a little more space( a studio) I will work larger on paper, wood, the walls. For now I basically have a desk that I work from so my work is a little more intimate. I think work evolves as you and your surroundings do. I would love to have a show where I can magnify my drawings and draw directly on the wall larger than life size. I had a few drawings in my thesis show that were over 8 ft and drawn with make up that were pretty interesting. It’s something I definitely want to explore.

We bonded over both having a clothing line (mine is now over) and personally knowing the amount of work going into fashion, I give you a huge amount of respect. I also love both your aesthetics in your video look book as well as being eco-friendly. Describe a bit about your environmentally conscious approach to fashion.

A line of clothing is ( even very small like mine) is a lot of work. It’s something that I wanted to try for a couple of reasons. One being: I want to try and be self-supporting with my own creations. Two being:

I wanted to combine a lot of my interests( photography, drawing, video, styling…) into one project. When I set out a little over a year ago being as green as I could was the only option for me. It also helped cut out a lot of choices. As I have a little under my belt I have changed my ways a bit with being green in different ways. Buying fabric and products made in the USA, using found fabric, trying to design things with the least amount of fabric waste. I am actually switching gears a bit so I can focus more on my art and am just doing printed textiles on tees, bras and totes and some small house ware pieces. I want to work my own drawings onto the pieces which I was unable to do before because of limited funds. I am also doing a collaboration with Friend and designer Caitlin Mociun in Brooklyn. She is awesome and I love the collaboration aspect. Due out Spring 09.

What do you find yourself obsessing about that ultimately gives you drive to be creative daily? Also, being a multi talented artist, how do balance all your passions and work load?

I basically obsess over trying to make better work and to be self-supporting. I try not to compare myself to others, but sometimes it’s hard. My fiancĂ© gives me a lot of drive to be creative everyday. He finically and emotionally supports me in so many ways. Just to have the time to work on my art is the best gift.

I have no idea what I would do if I have to get a 9-5 job.

Everyday I do something different to balance my work load. I nanny part time and then I usually dedicate certain days to drawing and then certain days to design.

What is something you hope to be doing in the future when it comes to art?

Basically just contributing a female voice in the art world. Reaching a lot of different people. I would also love to have book with a collection of my drawings. But, I am always happy with making, showing and selling.

At www.AlysonFox.com

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