Mar 11, 2010


You may know that I am actually on my honeymoon in Italy but I didn't want to neglect this page so here are the food photography for of actual food served at the restaurant:

Brazilian Chicken Grill Brazilian Meatballs Pork Burger Coxinha Chicken Sandwich Rice Pudding Pastel Portugese

You may not know that most food photography are not of the actual food served at the restaurant. It usually involves substitute food special effect props that emulate food because certain most food items change, melt, or deterioriate under hot lights during the photography session.

For this client it was very important to show the actual food served to the customers. WoodSpoon is about real food, no gimicks. This meant I had between 5 to 10 mins to photograph each item which is no small task. Usually it can take over 30 mins to get that perfect photograph but of course the salad, which wilts quick, would need to be replaced a few time during that period.

I am very happy with the photos. The website design was created around the food photography because that is the selling point. I wanted the viewer's senses to be tantalized/seduced by the photos and in my opinon the photos achieve that. Are you salivating yet?

Originally I Intended this section to show case children and pet photography however, I am commissioned for other subjects which I am happy to accommodate.

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