Jan 21, 2010


TZ Artistic is an experimental film made from expired time-zero chemicals. These expired chemicals lend the film a constantly mutating color palette, more sepia than cyan. The film loves diffuse outdoor light and will give your images a wonderfully bittersweet quality. TZ Artistic is manipulable, just like old time-zero film and you can even use it for emulsion lifts!

Note: These images may continue to fade even months after exposure and may show spots and blemishes.

If you are interested in this film the best deal I found was here. You get 2 packs and consider the bag free in this kit. Currently it cost about $25 for 1 pack which is 8 polaroid films.

Below is a emulsion lift demo of a 3x4 peel apart polaroid film. By the way, you don't have to shoot film to do image transfer. I recently bought the Daylab Copy System Pro which takes your prints (made from digital camera) and copies them onto polaroid film. This is what I am planning to do so that I don't have to take polaroids and burn through my saving account.

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