Jan 24, 2010


I bought the Polaroid 1200 SI camera so I can do double exposures like the one below...or at least that is how I justified the latest purchase in my head =)

The photographer stood the model near a window and took the photo of the reflection of the model from the window. The dark shadow on the left hand side is the reflection of the photographer.
Great photograph and I like its mood.

The second giraffe inside the bottle has been "photoshop-ed" in. It is not technically possible for that giraffe to have this uniform sharpness from the top to bottom if it was placed inside. I am pretty certain the bottle and two giraffes (or the same one) was photographed separately then merged into one photo. Great imagery.

By the way, my education was in film photography and I prefer to shoot film. The downside is the pricey cost. Well, that is why I have my 9 to 5 job.

By a member of polanoid.net

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