Jan 4, 2010


"This tutorial tells you how to easily make a so called 'planet' starting from a full spherical equirectangular image.

The tool that makes the "magic" is called Panini; it is a free and open source software that you could download on here. It also is multi-platform so you could use it on windows, mac or linux. In this tutorial I will use it under ubuntu but nothing change for others operating systems.

After downloading the executable file for windows or after successfully compiling it under linux, start the Panini program. Upon starting it will bring out a black screen with a 3d-grid; that's the time to load the full spherical equirectangular image (tif and jpeg files are accepted along many others).

To load the image you have two way:
- use the menu "Source->equirectangular" and browse to the desired image;

- drag & drop the image from a file browser to the panini window."

The full spherical equirectangular image used here is this: "The Piazza Duomo (dome square) in Parma. This equirectangular panorama was made with hugin by assembling 48 photos (16 @ 3 bracketed exposures) taken with Canon eos 350d + EF-S 10-22 @ 10mm."

You could also see this photo in the immersive view.

Artwork and explanation by Cristian Marchi

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