Jan 27, 2010


Valentine's is fast approaching and when I saw this photo I knew the heart boken effect was not photoshop manipulation.

I have Valentine's postcard with envelopes on sale at my Etsy Store.

Artwork by irenesuchocki.etsy.com

Use a cut out mask with any shape you desire to cover the entire lens. The video below show a star cut out mask. You point to a set of light then manually move your focus ring and/or zoom lens until you get the desired result. Try it.

I am not convinced the photo below did not involve photoshop tricks. The boken filter affect requires a light source (usually a string of lights) and a darker background to contrast the lights. Here, the background is not dark as the first photo so it is not possible to capture these saturated hearts during the photo shoot.

In order for the hearts to have this uniform size and blurriness (in this case, lack of blurriness), the string of lights needs to be uniformally same distance from the lens. In most cases, string of lights are not uniformally placed resulting in heart shapes with different intensity of blurriness like the first photo.

I can draw 2 conclusions:
  1. Photo with heart boken was taken separately with strings of lights set up for the uniform blurriness effect and then layered on top of the ferris wheel image in photoshop.
  2. This heart shape effect was created in photoshop.

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