Jan 24, 2010


"Blur [Magazine] proud to be the exclusive media sponsor of The Impossible Project, which is re-inventing analogue integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras in the former Polaroid factory in Enschede (the Netherlands).

The Impossible Project will launch new instant film materials in 2010. In the beginning of 2010, they will present a b&w analogue integral film for all SX70 and 600 camera models, and colour film will follow in summer, and by the end of 2010 they will bring Image film for Spectra cameras back.

To support this special photographic and artistic moment, Blur magazine, in collaboration with the Impossible Project, is organizing a big international contest of analogue instant photography known as THE BEST POLAROID PHOTO."

The best 30 photographs selected by the panel:
  1. Will be exhibited in THE BEST POLAROID PHOTO exhibition in Zagreb
  2. Will be published in Special Blur magazine
The best 5 photos selected by the readers receive each:
  1. Polaroid camera SX-70 Sonar OneStep + 2 Instant Film packs
  2. Polaroid 600 Once Classic camera + 2 Instant Film packs
  3. 3 Instant Film packs
  4. 2 The Impossible Project T-Shirt (M or F)
Deadline is Feb 10, 2010.

Theme of the contest is no theme.

No cash or substantial prize? Lame.

For more details like rules and how to enter the contest visit

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