Feb 1, 2010


I normally don't comment or buy movies but this one tells the story from a unexpected point of view. This not a chick flick. This is a realistic story about love told with humor and heartbreak. The movie uses illustrations as transitions between the scenes which are not in chronological order and these adds to the art of story telling as well as humor. When the relationship is good there are leaves on the trees but when it is bad the leaves fall out and the illustration colors turn a cold gray.

Below are the actual illustrations in the movie:

But also I love that it is filmed in downtown Los Angeles where I work. In the movie I see places where I spend the work week. My coworker found the infamous bench in this movie past week.

Poor Tom, his world came crashing down as the movie turns into a illustration below:

And the characters love to hang out at IKEA... which I confess to doing and enjoying. I enjoy quirky characters and that is why I also like the movie Punch Drunk Love.

Is it just me or does Joseph Gordon Levitt look like Heath Ledger?

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