Nov 23, 2009


I was asked to suggest a camera that is smaller than a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) but has some of the functionality (Shutter and Aperature priority settings) a DSLR camera has. I went to Samy's Camera Los Angeles, CA and the verdict is the Canon Powershot G11.

Most people think it is all about the megapixels, however, the average person doesn't need more than 10 megapixels because most people are not creating 30x40 poster size prints. For better quality photos it is more important the camera allows me to:
  • select ISO setting (better photos for low light situations)
  • select the background blurriness (to create less distracting photos)
  • select the faster shutter speed (animals, sports, and children)
I was impressed the G11 can handle ISO 3200 which means you can take better photos in low light situations. Also the the tilt swivel LCD screen allows you to turn it 180 degress which is great for taking self portraits. I am a big fan of shallow depth of field and I can set the aperature to 2.8 (referring to the size of the lens hole) to make the busy background blurry. I can take underwater photographs if I get the underwater housing for this camera.

This is not a replacement for the DSLR. This camera is great for situations where you cannot carry around the bulky DSLR camera or when you don't want the headache of worrying about your expensive system. This is a big upgrade from your point and shoot camera.

This is not a beauty or the smallest/lightest Powershot on the market but the functionality makes it an excellent pick. Great camera if you want to start using manual aperature or manual shutter settings. This camera is on my wishlist part of the family.

If you are looking for something without any manual settings I recommend the Canon PowerShot SD940 IS Digital Camera which is thin, sleek, and sexy. But most importantly, this camera has minimal hot spot when the flash is used. It make me cringe when the center of the photo/or whatever is closest to the camera is blown out because the camera's auto metering didn't compensate for the flash hot spot correctly. This camera is 12.1 Megapixel and $200 less than the G11.

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