Nov 28, 2009


Josie inquired about poster size photographs that depict her services such as hair, skincare, nails, waxing, conditioning, and massage to hang on her walls. A project like this takes at least 10 days, even if the photographs are purchased at stock photo agency. You have to factor in the time it takes time to print, frame, and hang the poster photos on the walls. There is usually a 100% additional rush handling fee to print and without that the chances accomplishing this project in time for Grand Opening is slim.

Instead I suggested a multi media video that loops on her new 32 inch plasma tv in the waiting area. It even advertises the salon's gift certificate - an uncommon known fact for even her regular clients.

The cost and time is fraction of the poster project. Also when she wants to change the photos or list of services, she doesn't have to get the poster reprinted again.

Remember this loops all day, I didn't want to give it that MTV style dramatic transitions between the photos. I kept it very simple or the audience will get tired of watching this. There is no music to this because the salon plays music from its surround sound system all day.

Note: The reason I am using YouTube to show videos / animation is that YouTube supports iPhone viewers.

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