Nov 30, 2009


Doctor Papidies is the 1 Million Dollar Cutest Dog Competition Winner and how wonderful that the money is being donated.

Owners own words:
"I have a dog named Papidies with Addison's disease," says owner Dr. Leslie Capin," Three years ago, Papidies was a near-death patient in intensive care. Today he is alive and helping thousands of others like himself that need a second chance. I am blessed that I am able to afford his vet care and medicines. Not all dogs are this lucky." She continues, "Papidies has become our office mascot and we now call him Doctor Papidies. If we are lucky enough to win The Cutest Dog Competition we are going to donate half a million dollars to the Dumb Friends League and half a million dollars to the Max Fund Animal Shelter because thousands of pet owners have been forced to surrender their animals at shelters as they can't afford to care for them."


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