Nov 30, 2009


Inside everyone's closet or garage there is a stack of old childhood photo albums. I have about three times as many albums as pictured here. Yeah, it is a sight for sore eyes. I keep thinking if I close the closet door, it is as if they aren't there but they take up so much room.

Time has come for me to go through all the photos, scans, edit and put 1 big book together. allows up to 440 pages per book.

My rough estimate for this book is that it will take over 3 months to just scan. Remember I have a 9 to 5 job so I will scan during nights and weekends.

The main motivation for me is to keep digital versions of the photos so that I can dump the physical photos. 1 big book will replace the 15 albums and 7 yearbooks - I need the space for my photo equipment. Plus the photos can't deteriorate anymore further because they are scanned.

If you decide to do this remember to keep multiple backup whether it be hard drive or burnt DVDs and in more than 1 location just in case there is a flood or fire.

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