Oct 22, 2009


CHARISMATIC DOGS Vol 1 is now published and available for purchase.
Please remember to vote for us on Blurb.com starting Oct 23 through Nov 9.

Special thanks to the designer Allison Lehman and Hog's family.

The Process
Step Description Time it took
1 4 hour photo session results in 300+ photos 1 days
2 From 300+ photos the top 90 photo were selected 1 days
3 90 photos were enhanced for color and saturation 23 days
4 90 photos were further edited down and layouted as page sets to narrate the story 2 days
5 Captions were created for each page sets 1 days
6 Designer took the photos and captions to create the photo book with cohesive art direction 5 days
7 A few rounds of reviews and tweaks 2 days
Total Time 35 days

Update: Thanks for voting!

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