Aug 29, 2009


Sharing childhood photos of the bride and groom at the wedding is one of the best icebreakers. Dated hair cuts, mouths full of braces, and questionable fashion statements all provide a good chuckle for the guests.

We decided to revamp this trend by creating 5 inch x 7 inch 40 page booklets. These momentos display groom photo on one side of the face pages and the bride photo on the other side with captions that express their dynamics and personality.

Here are a few pages from the book and below that is the link to view the entire photo book.
* This is the uncensored version of the final photo book.
If you are easily offended, please do not view.

The Process
Step Description Time it took
1 From 300+ photos the top 40 photo were selected to create 20 sets of bride and corresponding groom photos 7 days
2 40 photos were enhanced for color and saturation 2 days
3 Captions were created for each set of photos 1 days
4 Designer took the photos and captions to create the photo book with cohesive art direction 7 days
5 A few rounds of reviews and tweaks 2 days
Total Time 19 days

Design by Allison Lehman

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