Aug 22, 2009


The rustic doors are a great backdrop for clean photos. Placing light doors and using the middle gap as the dark area is great contrast. If the doors and the gap were both light, the photo would appear too washed out.

The eyes first goes to the area of greatest contrasts so placing the darks in the gap guides the eye to the two subjects whom are the focal points. Bravo!

Having the two girls smile at the camera is predictable but having the two engage in a private conservation tells a story.

The only thing we would have done differently is that the the girl on the left's hair color is too close to the dark area. We would have put a lighter color hat on her or have a model who is blonder replace her. We find both dresses to have similar light tone as the doors so these would be subsituted with a hue that is inbetween the light door and dark gap.

We love to play with porportions and this is a great example of that. Yes, this is not a child portrait however, in our images our props appear bigger than normal. We wanted to point out in this photo that the color of the arm on the left is similar to the background however, because of the graceful shadow that wraps the left side, it creates a beautiful/elegant separation. In this case, it is acceptable for the two tones/hues to be similar as long as there is separation.

We find humor in this photo.

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