Aug 22, 2009


We get it, you have already mastered the art of simple backgrounds and want more. Well, background testing or "location scouting" is something most photographers do before the day of the photo shoot. We go the area that around the time of the photo shoot to get an idea of the lighting conditions and to determine which locations to use (and not to use) as backgrounds. It is common to take a few photos of each location.

The background in these photos can be interesting without the main subject and the supporting subject being present. The angles, lines, and textures provide depth and perspect of the space. In this case the background is a great balance to the bicycle with red industrial and clean lines.

Some may argue that the supporting subject, the lower body in shorts on the right, is a distraction, but we think it adds to the story and is a size reference.

The background consists of greens, blues and purple hues and the subject consists of red, brown and magenta hues. Because of the difference in hues, we do not find this image busy at all. Bravo!

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