May 2, 2009


Can wedding invitations be more exciting than type on card stock? Absolutely, make it personal.

This story is about our photographer's personal wedding invitation. She wanted to introduce her guest to the venue and set the expectation for the outdoor Spanish chateau estate soiree.

She went to the location, took photographs, and sent one photo to her favourite illustrator based in London.

A few days later she received the illustrator's original artwork.

The final illustration is a collaboration between the three artists; the photographer, the illustrator, and the graphic designer who was responsible for the text layout. The bold and simple colors express their personalities. She is bold and he is simple. The wedding dress and the groom's attire is the illustration of the exact outfit the two will wear. But most importantly, she wanted a piece that can double as a fine art poster to hang on the wall.

*The info on the invitation has been changed for confidentiality reasons. You wouldn't want unexpected people crashing your wedding now, do you?

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